Wordless Wednesday: How I Spent My Florida Vacation

For this week’s post, I’ve decided to try out #WordlessWednesday and tell the story of our recent Florida home exchange as wordlessly as possible. Photo captions seriously don’t count, right?!

Our trip began in Orlando where we had a serendipitous catch-up with two life-long friends (and two brand new ones). Loved it!!
Then it was off to our home exchange in Cocoa Beach. We were thrilled with this amazing find and our very generous hosts!
Most mornings began with us paddling on a lagoon that jutted against our exchange property.
Okay, before Richard jumps into the comment section…I confess! It was Richard who paddle boarded, kayaked and canoed each morning…while I, in firmly strapped life-jacket, held on tight to the side of the canoe. (Hey, you can never be too sure what’s swimming underneath!)
Much of our time was spent on the beach. We lounged, read, slept, walked, rode, swam, ate, drank and played there. (The featured sandcastle was not made by us…ours was not photo-worthy!)
Even when not on the beach, we tried to have as much outdoor time as possible. This included picnics in parks and on the dock!
At Kennedy Space Centre, I watched my husband relive his childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut. We missed the launch of Delta IV Rocket by just one day…. aarrghh!
We even wandered into an Open House…purely for fun. (It never hurts to dream!) This was the backyard view.
We saw alligators (from afar) and glimpses of jumping dolphins and manatees. Sadly, as my iPhone is the only camera that I had with me, the best shot that I can show you is of these common beach terns. (My husband and I called them “Kramer Birds” due to their spiked caps, prominent beaks and… a look that inexplicably made us smile!)
Our Home Exchange Hosts asked us which Cocoa Beach experience we liked best. It was hard to choose, but bike riding along Florida’s expansive beaches was hard to beat!
One for each Book Club!!
And I read two novels…
We are now at the Orlando Airport awaiting our return trip home. While the scenery on Vancouver Island is also spectacular…we are bracing ourselves for the snow, rain, slush and COLD!

But, in compensation…Richard and I just received a complimentary $400USD flight coupon (each!) for giving up our seats on this flight, and taking a different one (35 minutes later). A great trip all-around!

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  1. Ohhh! I’m so envious. It looks and sounds like a perfect vacation, beautifully captured in photos with captions. And you’re right – captions don’t count, even on Wordless Wednesday.

    1. So glad to have you second my ‘captions don’t count’ idea, Karen! I love ‘Wordless Wednesday’…but am simply not a good enough photographer to rely on my photos alone!

    1. Thanks, Tom. It truly was a blissful and relaxing vacation…except, perhaps, for navigating our way around the Orlando Highway Toll system!

  2. Theoretically, your story is 11,000+ words since each picture is worth a thousand… OK, bad joke.

    Looks like you had a lovely relaxing vacation. I hear that you guys are getting a real winter this year so must have been wonderful to escape for a while.

    Welcome back!

    1. That’s a great joke, Marian. Consider it stolen!! Thanks for posting on my FB page as well. Vancouver Island did have a ‘real winter’ this year. I am hoping that it remains a ‘one off’!!

  3. *so jealous* The place looks fabulous and like you I would have been leery of getting in any body of water because of alligators and stuff.

    1. So glad to have you say that Kate…my husband (and everyone else who was out on the lagoon when I was there) had a great laugh at my noticeably cautious approach!!

  4. What a great vacation and expereince, Donna. Doing things last-minute can be so rewarding and surprising. And, a nice bonus at the end as well! I like the photo idea for Wordless Wednesday. Don’t be too cold! I’m sure the difference in temperature will be immense.

    1. Thanks, Liesbet – As another friend pointed out on my Facebook page, it isn’t exactly Wednesday yet (at least not in Florida or Vancouver). In my defense, I did notice several others posting to ‘Wordless Wednesday on a Tuesday’ and thought I’d give it a try. We are currently at the Seattle Airport…bracing ourselves for the cold that awaits us!

    1. Hi, Pat – I am so sorry that we missed you. Wishing you a sunny and relaxing vacation next month. (We definitely need to find a place to meet up one of these days!)

  5. Donna, your holiday looks like it was amazing! That certainly is one of the joys of retirement — the possibility of deciding spontaneously to get away to a warm place. Of course, you have put in place all the skills and resources necessary to make it happen, such as HomeAway, flight discounts, knowing how to research it, etc. Glad you had fun!


    1. Hi, Jude – Taking advantage of last minute travel opportunities is definitely a big perk of retirement. This morning, when the check-screen asks for people to give up their seat on our planned flight…it was a liberating feeling to know that we were now in charge of our own schedules and could truly be flexible!

    1. True! I got my inspiration from Liesbet at Roaming About. She uses words and pictures for her Wordless Wednesday posts…and she totally hooks me in every single time!

  6. What a wonderful home exchange! I love the idea of riding bikes along a beach like that… I don’t think the sand is hard enough to do that around here. You probably are back home now, braving the cold. I hope the memories you have of your stay in Florida keep you (at least a little) warm.

    1. Hi, Janis – We are not home yet. Rather we are watching the unseasonal snow fall down around us as we wait for the Island ferry. Although we love our home…we are kinda missing Florida already!

    1. Thanks, Terri. I left all of the Stand-Up-Paddling to Richard….while I hung out safely in the canoe (or on the shore….or at the beach)!

    1. Thanks, Hugh – We are long overdue for the warmth to reach us. We have had a very unusual winter out our way. Hope all is well with you.

  7. Awesome on the flight. If you get this house again, would love to come with you. Florida has never called our names, but your pics look like they might change our minds. Glad you were able to get away.

  8. I loved your pictures and captions. On this chilly, windy day I pretended I was there with you. I agree with you about being a little leery about what is lurking under the water!!
    There’s nothing quite like some time in the sun and warmth to rejuvenate the northern soul in winter 🙂

    1. You are absolutely right, Joanne – A little time in the sun does amazing wonders for rejuvenating the soul.
      Too bad we were in Florida at different times, and different cities!

      1. Sadly, I’m still not getting your responses in spite of selecting “Send notifications ….”
        Oh well, I’ll just have to check back periodically 🙂

        I’m not sure if I ever asked if you get my responses to your comments on my blog. I hope you do.

        1. Hi, Joanne – This is so frustrating. I am so sorry about this. I have been on an endeavor to sort out the technical side of my blog, piece by piece. So far, I have tried four different comment plug-ins in attempt to ease the commenting process for readers, and to increase reader engagement and interaction. You’d think that this process would be much easier. I will ask a few other self-hosted bloggers what they use. In the meantime, I do reply to all comments and usually very quickly. Thank you for your patience with this.

  9. Great read Donna. It sounds like a great adventure and your pics tell the story well. Welcome to Wordless Wednesday 🙂 it’s now Thursday here. I love the photo of you hanging onto the sides of the canoe – you don’t look all that relaxed I must say. Enjoy the cold weather, knowing the weather will be warming up soon.

    1. Thanks, Debbie – I really enjoyed the format of Wordless Wednesday….although I may have bent the guidelines in more than one instance!
      Even I had to laugh when I saw how tightly I was hanging onto the sides of the canoe. In my defense, I did loosen up ‘a bit’ by the end of the week! (:

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