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Every last Friday of the month, Ally posts a good news story for ‘We Are The World Blogfest,’ And every last Friday of the month, I think “Oh man, I wanted to join in too….I definitely will next month.” But then I forget, and the pattern repeats itself.

‘We Are the World Blogfest’ seeks to “promote positive news stories that show compassion and the resilience of the human spirit.” The intention is to increase our awareness of daily kindnesses that receive little recognition and are so often strangled by negative news stories around us.

To help me commit to a monthly #WATWB post, I am asking for your help (yes yours!). In the comment section below, please tell me about a heartwarming piece of ‘news’ that moved you recently. It could be something that you witnessed yourself or a simple video link. I will then read more about the piece that you shared and include it in an upcoming #WATWB post.

For example, here is a story about Mikko Meldrom and his wish for his 9th birthday.  It is Mikko’s kind of thinking that helps make our world a better place.

To further set the mood, I leave you with a link to one of my favorite videos about how small, positive actions can have life-changing consequences. When viewing this clip, you may wonder why I have chosen a link from a Thai insurance company. ‘Fake news!’” I hear you cry. And yes, this is ‘just a commercial.’ But its message is very powerful and achievable — and that’s the whole point of this blogfest.

Your turn. Please don’t be shy. What good news has moved you recently? If nothing comes to mind, please take a quick look at your favorite information source. I’m confident that something good is there – you may simply need to unbury it!

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  1. So happy that you’re joining in the #WATWB this month. It’s been a learning experience like no other one I’ve been involved with in the blogosphere.

    I adore that commercial. I have tears in my eyes. Such a brilliant way to demonstrate how little positive gestures have a big impact.

    Thanks for linking to my post. That’s kind of you.
    Ally Bean recently posted…Be The Light: Of Lost Sharks & Viable SolutionsMy Profile

    1. Hi, Ally – Thank you for the introduction to ‘We are the World.’ This is totally the kind of Blogfest in which I like to take part. I have been inspired by your WATWB posts for months. When I saw your most recent post this morning, I knew that I had to take part. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. What a great concept, Donna. We could all use more positive news these days. It is one of the reasons I am not following the news, because most of it is so depressing. That being said, all the stories of firefighters and other rescuers in natural and human disasters are heart warming. On a personal note, meeting you and Kathy the last two days was an extremely positive experience! Thank you both for opening your lives and homes to “strangers”!
    Liesbet recently posted…Rocky Mountain National Park, ColoradoMy Profile

    1. Hi, Liesbet – I try not to watch the news for the same reasons. (Living with someone who LOVES watching the news does make it hard to avoid.) Although kind, generous and heartwarming selflessness happen all around us, I needed to dig through much negative and depressing news this morning to find any of these positive stories.
      It was wonderful meeting you IRL as well. I look forward to many more meetups to come!

  3. I’m glad you are joining this particular blogfest. I’ve been tempted too, but didn’t want to commit to a weekly post (though I’m happy to pass on to you any feel good news that I see). Certainly that commercial is made up but it really does have a nice message and maybe it can change someone’s outlook a little bit.
    Janis recently posted…Thursday Doors: Spirited OpeningsMy Profile

    1. Hi, Janis – I totally believe that you should write a post for this Blogfest. If you prefer not to, you do not need to commit to the monthly posts. Stand-alone posts are fine. In the meantime, I would love for you to pass on any feel-good stories that appeal to you. I am very interested to see which stories people recommend!

  4. This sounds like a worthy project, Donna, and hope you can help promote positivity in our world so desperately in need of it! Since I am so “school and campus-oriented” at the moment, just seeing the new construction moving forward on our campus shows that California has risen from the ashes of the recession and is rebuilding.

    1. Hi, Terri – Thank you for sharing about the new construction and rebuilding. That’s a great perspective!
      I look forward to our Meet Up.

  5. This is great, Donna! I recently heard a story about an elementary school teacher who donated one of her kidneys to a student in her class. There’s so much good out there, we just have to look for it. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Fran – I too am impressed at the level of detail and caring that the police and rescue workers went through. Cashing in the ticket for her was a heart-warming touch!

      1. Thanks so much for continuing to look, Anabel – I LOVE Andy’s spirit. He could have sat back and felt sorry for himself. Instead, he pushed forward and refuses to let his injuries define him or hold him back. Very inspiring!

    1. Hi, Anabel – I went through the same thing yesterday — needing to search (quite extensively) to find a ‘good news story’. Since goodness does happen all of the time, it is amazing that these stories can be hard to find!

    1. I love this Christie – Thank you so much for sharing this. I already have some ideas how I will link all of these stories together for next month’s post. I greatly appreciate all of the links that I get.

  6. Hi Donna! What a wonderful idea. I firmly believe that the more good we put out into the world the more it spreads around. And some of my research shows that “goodness is catching.” That means when we see and read about others doing good, it not only makes us feel better, but it encourages us to “do” better ourselves. How can that not be a wonderful thing. A couple of great things that happened in my world this week was spending time with you and Liesbet and connecting about blogging and other things we share. Connection with others is always precious. I look forward to reading more about this project in the future. ~Kathy
    Kathy @ SMART Living 365.com recently posted…Lessons Learned on the Road to Self PublishingMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Kathy – I appreciate knowing the research point of view on this topic. ‘Goodness influencing more goodness’ makes total sense to me. Thanks for your kind words about connecting up this week. I totally feel the same. I can’t wait for us to all get together again soon!

    1. Thanks, Leanne – I love focusing on the positive as well. You’re right about Facebook being the source of many ‘feel good’ stories and videos. As those are the ones that I click on, they tend to come up quite often on my newsfeed.

    1. Hi, Hugh – I opened your comment and video link first thing this morning. What a fantastic way to start the day. As Kathy said in a previous comment, kindness does ‘boomerang.’ Very inspiring!

  7. This is so lovely Donna, thank you for posting it. I have seen it before and remember being charmed then as I am now. Small acts mean so much to both giver and receiver … and the dog with the watering can, and the little girl in her uniform, and the smiles of the couple being helped over the curb with their load .. how could those smiles not impact on anyone! I’m bookmarking this … and will get it out further.
    My post was on Sir Nicholas Winton, the British man who helped evacuate 660 children in 1939 from Germany to England to foster homes …
    Well done on taking the leap to join #WATWB!

  8. I think my comment got lost Donna I’m sorry … if a repeat my apologies. The first one was quite bit longer. It is a GREAT post thank you for sharing it and well done on taking the leap to join the #WATWB!

    1. Hi, Susan – Thank you for your comments. Both were waiting patiently in my Comment Folder. I just checked out Garden of Eden (gardenofedenblog.com) and loved it. I have already subscribed to read more!

  9. I know that I am late to commenting here. I worry greatly about climate change. There are many news stories and reports about the huge challenge we face globally, as we strive to limit the warming to 2 degrees or less. It is depressing and scary.

    But there are good news stories out there too, as, bit by bit, people, companies, and countries strive to achieve the goals of the Paris Accord. For, example, there is this story out of the UK on Germany’s success in replacing fossil fuels with alternative sources of energy, like wind:


    The Climate Reality Project collects positive stories of progress toward environmental goals and distributes digests via social media. I believe good news stories keep us motivated to keep trying, rather than disengaging and giving up.


    1. Hi, Jude – Never too late to join this kind of party!! Thank you for sharing this link. I will include it in my next WATW blog post at the end of this month. I agree that good news stories help keep us motivated to stay engaged and keep on trying. That’s so important!

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