Walking The Camino Trail: In Progress

I am currently walking ten days of The Camino Trail in France and Spain. I will be back at the end of July with summaries, reflections and photos. Enjoy your reading break!


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  1. Dear Donna,
    I’m Birte, a young girl from Germany, and we kept running into each other on the Camino last year. It happens that I lost your email address, so I thought I might send you a little message here.
    I hope, you are doing very well!
    My best wishes from Germany,

    1. Hi, Birte – It is so wonderful to hear from you! Richard and I think about you often. We have already booked our flights so that we can finish the Camino trail this summer. We will start in Najera (where we left off) and hopefully go to Camino do Santiago and then to Finesterre. Now that I have your email address I will email to find out more about how your walk went. I look forward to keeping in touch.

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