Sundays at Six Guest Post Series – Finding Your Mojo After a Holiday

Hello from sunny Australia! I’m Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond. I’m delighted to be writing again for Donna’s Sunday Guest Post Series. We have met some fabulous people here, haven’t we? A huge thank you to Donna for introducing everyone. I’m honoured to be returning. I wrote my first post for this series back in July where I discussed Retiring from Work, not Life – The Art of Positive Aging.

Now that I’m back, I’d like to share my tips on finding your ‘mojo’ after a long holiday. Recently, as part of my sixtieth birthday celebrations, my husband and I took a five-week holiday, exploring Spain and Italy. We flew to London, which is a twenty-six-hour flight from Australia, spent a few days there, then flew to Portugal for our Spanish Adventure. We followed this with a seven-night cruise before visiting my husband’s cousins in Italy. Phew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. It was a fantastic experience for both of us and a great way to cap off my sixtieth birthday.

Finding your MojoWe returned home with wonderful memories. For the first time, we came home TIRED after our holiday. It took a long while for us to get over jet lag. After sampling the delicious food and sangria, I felt bloated and uncomfortable. I felt out of sorts and didn’t have the motivation to get back into exercise or blogging. I’m a person who likes to be active and living life, but I didn’t feel like running with my Saturday Sisters or doing anything strenuous at all. That had to stop! So what did I do to recapture my mojo and zest for living?

Take Time to Recover

I allowed myself to recover and not feel guilty about it. In the past, I would have jumped straight back into life and pushed myself. I realised that I didn’t need to do that because I am retired so had no immediate commitments waiting for me. I gave myself permission to rest and recover not only my body but also my mind. It also gave me time to reflect on our holiday and enjoy the recent memories.

Make a Plan

What is the point of visiting fabulous places and restricting yourself? I knew that I wanted to enjoy the food of Spain and Italy and of course the sangria. However, coming home and feeling uncomfortable I knew I had to get my healthy lifestyle back. For this, I needed a plan! I set out a strategy for resuming my regular exercise and eating well-balanced meals. Rather than rushing straight back into my normal exercise routine, I started with gentle yoga and stretching, and downloaded an app, ‘My Daily Workout’. I hadn’t exercised for five weeks, so I needed to listen to my body and ease back into my workouts.

Catch Up with Family and Friends

Finding your MojoI regularly mind my grandson each week and after five weeks away, I had missed him so much. It was great to start that weekly commitment again and also catch up with my family and running friends, my Saturday Sisters. Getting back to connecting is a great way to lift your spirits and help you feel motivated again.

After one month, I was feeling back to my fit, fabulous, healthier and happier self with wonderful holiday memories. I was ready to take on the Festive Season! Life is certainly not dull in our household…but that is a story for another time.

How do you find your mojo? I’d love for you to leave me your comments.

Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

From Retirement Reflections:
Thank you, Sue. I’m sure that many of us found this post to be very timely. I certainly did. I like your advice to permit ourselves to take time to recover and then get back to our routines slowly but steadily. As our holiday company left this past week, yours is a strategy that I will borrow to transition back into my regular activities…and my regular meals! Up next week is Anabel from The Glasgow Gallivanter. Anabel will be talking to us about ‘Hidden Histories.’ Please join us next Sunday to see what she has to reveal!

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  1. Hi Sue, Thank you for sharing your great tips. Your flights were very long and you’d need time to recover. We need to be kind to ourselves. Gentle stretches and yoga are good for our body and mind, any time. I usually do them throughout my vacation to stay flexible and maintain muscle memory. Thanks again, Donna, for another excellent guest post.
    Natalie recently posted…2 days in blooming BudapestMy Profile

    1. Hi, Natalie – As you are also a very frequent traveler, I greatly appreciate that you have added your advice, and reinforced Sue’s tips here. I am just beginning to get back into my own post-holiday routines — so all advice is gladly received!

  2. Yes, unfortunately too many people rush around trying to see too many places within a few days. That is exhausting and never as rewarding as staying in one place longer and getting to know the city or town.
    Glad to hear that you didn’t eventually feel guilty about taking time to recover. We have found that is compulsory to do when quite a lot of travel is involved.
    Happy 60th Sue 🙂

    1. Hi, Suz – I agree that it is easy to ‘overbook’ ourselves once we get home and push ourselves too hard to instantly get back to our regular routines. It is great advice to give ourselves ‘guilt-free’ recovery time, especially when much travel/change to routine is involved. Thanks for stopping by to read Sue’s post and share your feedback. I greatly admire the amount of travel that you and the Squire accomplish!

      1. We have noticed the difference in our tiredness with travel from just a couple of years ago. Hey, some people no doubt think we don’t stay long enough in places 🙂 Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself, and that is all that matters at the end of the day. One thing that has helped us tremendously is taking a multi-vitamin for the over50’s. Magic 🙂

    1. Hi, Anabel – Great point about the needing to cook again (along with other household chores) once we return home! I also do not miss that ‘need to rush back to work’ feeling. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to sharing your Guest Post next week.

  3. Hey Sue, It is often hard for active people (or those who want to be active) to allow themselves the time to recover. Recently, I had to give myself permission to relax and recover … and yes, even with lots of support (nagging?) to do that, it was very challenging. Without the go-go-go, sometimes it felt like I’d accomplished nothing the whole week. Emotionally tough. Looking back, it was so needed and I feel like I do have my mojo back this week.
    Pat recently posted…How-to Find Your Word-of-the-YearMy Profile

  4. Excellent advice! When I travel, I allow myself to indulge as much as I want since the experience is always more important than maintaining discipline. But, when I come home, I find it difficult to get back into the swing of things. I’m still struggling to get my “mojo” back completely after doing a lot of traveling in 2017. But, I better get to it since we’ll be traveling again this year and I need to fit comfortably into my clothes 🙂 !
    Janis @ recently posted…GratiTuesday: Rainy DaysMy Profile

    1. Hi, Janis – Where are you and Paul traveling to this year? If you are swinging by this area (two years in a row…but a girl can dream) Richard and I will actually be on the island this summer. We would love for you to visit! 🙂

  5. Wow! The length of your flight leaves me reeling. I couldn’t imagine the feeling of being in the air that long. You would definitely need a time for recovery. Thanks for the very down to earth post!

    1. Hi, Fran – That certainly is a great deal of airplane time….and then add in airport time, transfers, potential delays, getting to from the airport, etc. etc. No wonder Sue was exhausted….I was exhausted for her! 🙂 I agree that this is a very down to earth post with great, doable advice.

    2. Yes Fran that is the downside of living in Australia (the only downside I might add). Being on the other side of the world means you have to take longer holidays to make the most of your time and also sometimes that means flying straight through. Sometimes we take a stop over for a night or two depending where we are travelling and how much time we have. Glad you enjoyed my thoughts.
      Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond recently posted…Best of Boomer Blogs – January 2018My Profile

  6. A very timely post indeed Sue and Donna! I always enjoy Sue’s sensible advice and agree we have to go easy on ourselves. I’m currently doing a program challenging myself with food and exercise and it’s all about consistency for me. I’m so glad you got to eat and drink your way around your holiday and didn’t deny yourself that pleasure!! Another great guest, thanks Donna.
    Debbie recently posted…That time when the bride wore white and so did the groom!My Profile

    1. Hi, Debbie – I agree that so many of the guest posts have turned out to be timely (at least for me)! 🙂 I Love how it so often works out this way. Good luck with your challenge. I look forward to reading about the details…and the results!

  7. They say a vacation is not a holiday and that is so true isn’t it Sue? You often need a holiday to recover from a vacation – and that’s one of the bonuses of being retired, you don’t have to rush straight back into the daily grind, you can rest, recuperate, and recharge after the jetlag and all the extra eating. I’m so glad you found your mojo again (I need my cheerleader!) x
    Leanne recently posted…5 TOUGH QUESTIONS I’VE NEVER ASKED MYSELFMy Profile

    1. Hi, Leanne – You make a good point about the difference between ‘vacation’ and ‘holiday’….two words that are often used interchangeably. Add to that questions, “Can you really take ‘vacation’ or ‘holiday’ during retirement…or do they become part of the ‘retirement gig’?” Thank you for your thought=provoking comment.

  8. Sue, As much as I love to travel, it seems that getting out of our daily routines can make us vulnerable. We spent a month in Europe last summer and even though we walked daily, I was missing the regular exercises I do to keep my body in shape. I had been in PT for a month before the trip and you just can’t keep up those exercises when you are out of your environment. So, you are correct, you just have to ease back into your routine. I find that looking through vacation pictures and reminding myself how fun the trip had been, can be helpful. I’m always grateful for the opportunity to go places, and that helps me forgive myself.
    Karen recently posted…First Day HikeMy Profile

    1. Hi, Karen – You are right about the vulnerability aspect of travel and lack of routine. I had never thought about that before. Despite all of my wonderful intentions, I just never seem to keep up my exercise routine when traveling (other than walking the Camino)!

    2. So true about not being able to keep up PT whilst traveling Karen. Sometimes I can sneak some gym time on a cruise but really this time I just wanted to enjoy everything. I agree about feeling vulnerable when you get back as fitness levels can drop fast. I’m also grateful to be able to travel most years so a short time of ‘feeling out of sorts’ when we come home is worth it . ☺
      Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond recently posted…Best of Boomer Blogs – January 2018My Profile

  9. I like how you gave yourself permission to ease back into your normal home routines, Sue. You are so right! There are benefits to retirement and one of them is going easy on yourself. I like to be in new places, but I hate to travel to and fro to get there. What a fabulous trip you had! But it came with a price tag besides the cost of the trip. And you did a great job not cashing in your serenity and wellbeing.

    1. Me too, Molly! I love being at my vacation destination….but I am now losing the energy to get there and back. Even taking the ferry (which used to be so magical) to get to/from our island home, is now a major drag. Funny how interests, energies (and patience) change as we age. 🙂

  10. Oh my gosh, Sue, that sounds like it was a dream trip! I will turn 60 this year! May need to adjust my plans! I love how you gave yourself permission to take whatever steps necessary to recover. For me, it was allowing myself to take each day as it comes. My Christmas decorations didn’t get taken down until yesterday! But oh well, other things got in the way! No worries! Great post! Thanks! ~ Lynn
    Lynn ~ Encore Voyage recently posted…My Retirement Yoga JourneyMy Profile

  11. I can relate, Sue. My husband and I recently returned from a trip to Mexico, and while we were only gone for 10 days, when you add in the holiday celebrating for a month before that, I felt the need to get back to a healthier routine. I got my mojo back by attending an Orangetheory class and my favorite Weight Watchers meeting. (I’m a lifetime member and love it!) Now I just need to get caught up on my writing commitments! You’ll be hearing from me soon. 🙂

    Thanks, Donna, for featuring Sue as one of your guests. I’m always inspired by her–and you!
    Christie Hawkes recently posted…Friday favorites: words that flowMy Profile

  12. I recognize that feeling of exhaustion. My husband and I never go on vacation (no time and no money), but, we are full-time nomads. Constant travel and moving, and worrying about the weather (and many sleepless nights) are all very draining. After our eight year journey on our sailboat, I was utterly exhausted and needed a long time to recover. It was the first time in my life I needed a break from travel! Our solution after that period on the water, was to pick up a more comfortable and relaxed lifestyle (house and pet sitting in one country). After two years of that, I finally feel ready for a more adventurous lifestyle again. 🙂

    During your “time to recover”, I bet it was also nice and reflective to go through all your photos taken on your five-week trip. Good idea to ease into the exercise routine after a long break. And, I’m sure it was fantastic to catch up with friends and family again. I’m glad you got back in time for the festive season. 🙂

    (Donna, I hate to tell you, but this comment was “blocked” again when submitting it with my iPad – might be a Safari problem . This time, I was smart enough to copy it before hitting “post comment”. :-))
    Liesbet recently posted…Monthly Expenses – December 2017My Profile

    1. Hi, Liesbet – Yikes! I hate to hear that my site is blocking comments. I wonder if any other commenters have experienced this problem on my site recently? I am so glad that you were smart and copied your comment first. I will do a check on my side and see if I can find out what may be causing it.
      Thank you for leaving your detailed comment. I agree that constant traveling and moving are exhausting. I do agree that going through photos of our holidays and fun times with friends and family can be very energizing. I need to remind myself to do this more often!
      Hope all is well for you and Mark.

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