Sunday Guest Post Series: Global Housesitter x2

How would I describe myself?

Creative, quirky and passionate.  Those three words sum me up in a rather quick fashion.  Though I am sure many people who have known me over the years could add a few more words to that list!

I have done many things in my life, made some fantastic decisions and some incredibly stupid ones.  Many have taken me down roads I never wanted to venture down, and it took me a while to get back on track.  Once on track, there was no stopping me. This was when I meet an amazing man who is my best friend and husband (aka ‘The Squire’).

A jack of many trades master of none sums up my ‘career.’   I started traveling in my late teens. Years later I bought a one-way ticket to London — what was I thinking?  I worked on a cruise liner as a stewardess and worked in many hotels as a bartender/waitress.  In between those jobs, it was office work, with a stint learning to be an Occupational Therapy Assistant [hospital] and a Manager of a home for people with disabilities.  My last job was as a Qualified Preschool teacher, which I left quite a few years ago to manage our small orchard that the Squire and I created from bare land.


A few more facts!

  • I am an early starter in a few of life’s challenges and a late starter in many.  One example of my lateness is completing ten half marathons [competitive walker] and one triathlon in my fifties.
  • I have the most incredibly patient, caring and intelligent husband, and the best travel buddy any girl could want.
  • My first trip overseas was to Melbourne in the 1970’s when passports were not required.  I have been traveling on and off since then.
  • I love to garden and have this strange affliction of enjoying mowing lawns.  NO matter what shape, I love them all.
  • Don’t stand in the way of me and a good cup of coffee in the morning.
  • I sometimes capture excellent photos; many get deleted as I am my harshest critic.
  • I have a very contagious laugh, and I love to make people smile. You can find me at Global Housesitter x2. Why not drop by for a virtual cup of coffee?


Suzanne [the blogger] and her Squire. One couple, one globe, no regrets. Walks dogs, cuddles cats, pats the odd donkey, life learner and photographer.

From Retirement Reflections: Thank you, Suzanne, for dropping by this week to share a bit about yourself and your blog.

You can connect with Suzanne on the following social media sites.

I am confident that you will find Suzanne’s travels, adventures, writing and photography as interesting as I do.

Please join us next Sunday with Guest Host Lynn from  Encore Voyage — A Journey of Reinvention and Discovery. We hope to see you then!

If you would like to join in on the fun and submit your own Guest Post, I would love to have you share with us.  Simply leave a comment, send an email or use this site’s Contact Form.

56 Replies to “Sunday Guest Post Series: Global Housesitter x2”

    1. Hi, Kathy – Thanks for stopping by to read Suzanne’s post here. It would be cool if this introduction leads to a pet-sit in Southern California!

    2. Hi Kathy

      No we haven’t considered America yet. As we have been fairly busy doing Europe and the UK. Though never say never. Thanks for commenting.

    1. I fully agree, Kate. Suzanne certainly has packed in much life experience. Reading her recent posts, I know that she continues to do so. Thanks for visiting her here today!

  1. I have followed Suzanne’s blog for a while and always enjoy learning a bit about the latest place she is staying and the animals she cares for. It’s nice to know more about her and her husband through your terrific guest blogging series, Donna.
    Janis recently posted…Desert Meet-UpMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Janis – I met Suzanne through your blog. Actually, I met MANY of the bloggers that I follow through your site. Thanks so much for this!

    2. Hi Janis

      I really enjoy connecting with you and love reading your blog. Totally appreciate your comments. Here’s to many more opportunities for us to connect.
      Thanks for commenting ☺

    1. Thanks Marty and for commenting. We enjoy meeting people who tackle life from different angles and accept those who choose to be in the box! Whatever works eh!

  2. Thanks, Anabel – I love finding out more about Bloggers whom I regularly follow. I am glad that you are already following Suzanne.

  3. Hi Suzanne lovely to meet you although I do follow you on Instagram. We have running in common as I started at 50 and ran my first full marathon at 55. Unfortunately, I can’t ride a bike would you believe, so triathalons are out. I would love to find out more about your fascinating travel with the Squire.
    Thanks Donna for introducing another interesting person who is certainly Sizzling!

    1. Hi, Sue – I love meeting others who are inspiring and who share beliefs/experiences with us. I agree that Suzanne is indeed sizzling. Thanks for visiting, I greatly appreciate it.

    1. Hi, Liesbet – Yes, I definitely see the similarities that you list…as well as the house/pet-sitting. I hope that everything is going well with your current stay!

    2. Hi Liesbet

      Now that would be fun ☺ Hopefully an opportunity arises where we can work something out!! I also enjoy our blogging connection. Thanks for commenting

    1. Hi Leanne

      Funnily enough we are both the eldest child in our respective families. Life is far to short not to take some calculated risks or take the plunge.
      Thanks for commenting.

    1. I love getting the ‘backstory’ on Guest Posts and agree that Suzanne’s is very inspiring. Thanks so much for stopping by. I greatly appreciate it.

    1. Hi Christine
      Thanks for popping over to my blog and for commenting. Toledo was insightful and diverse this part of Spain is compared to the more popular destinations.

    1. Hi, Terri – People at this corner of the blogosphere really do share much in common! I greatly appreciate you stopping by. Richard and I got home last night. It was lovely to be away and have an action-packed holiday. We are now ready to rest and hibernate for a while! See you next year!

  4. Hi Donna, Thanks for introducing me to Suzanne! I love it when I discover fellow bloggers with similar interests: travel, coffee, gardening, coffee, laughter….more coffee! And lots of experiences to share. I have never considered having someone stay in our home to take care of Roxy dog when we travel – maybe I need to consider this! ~ Lynn
    Lynn ~ Encore Voyage recently posted…Encore Quotes – Random ReflectionsMy Profile

    1. Hi Lynn

      Yes having housesitter’s we believe is a win win situation for both parties. I enjoy connecting with bloggers who enjoy similar interests.
      Thanks for commenting.

    2. Hi, Lynn – That’s my favourite thing about this corner of the blogosphere as well. You don’t need to search too far to find people with similar interests & experiences and who inspire & motivate.
      Thanks so much for stopping by. I greatly appreciate it!

    1. It’s amazing how well one-way tickets can work out. My husband and I took job offers in Beijing, China thinking that we would stay for one-year…and we stayed for fourteen! Your right that these tickets can be life-changing!

        1. Hi Hugh
          Yes, some new horizons do feel right to stop for a while. Bit harder now to complete travel with a one-way ticket. You are currently a local after 27 years 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

  5. Nice to meet you here, Suz! I enjoy reading stories from adventurers. I was in Spain in August. Look forward to checking in on your blog. Thanks, Donna, for introducing another interesting person.

    1. Thanks, Deb – I love reading, writing and hosting Guest Bloggers. I have learned so much this way that I otherwise may never have known. I am just now starting Round Two of my Guest Host Series. I would love for you to join in again. You can have free reign of topic choices, or address something that frequently came up in the comment section on your last Guest Post. (For example, next week Natalie will be on my site talking about “Car Free Living.” That topic frequently came up on her last Guest Post. Fingers crossed that you (and others) will be willing to join in again!

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