Positive Aging: You Can Do It If You Try (And Are Not Afraid To Modify)

I was delighted to be asked to write this guest post on positive aging for Retirement and Good Living.

Here’s a sample from that post:

When my youngest son was a toddler, he loved Fred Penner….I mean he absolutely IDOLIZED him! That was mostly good, except that twenty-seven years later, many of those songs have a way of creeping back into my head.

When settling in to write this piece on health and aging, Fred’s words once again sprang to the forefront of my mind.

“You can do it if you try, you can do it if you try, you can do do doodly do it if you try.”

Many of us know the basic research on longevity and aging well (as much of it is based on common sense). We just need reminders to try…and sometimes to creatively modify! When browsing the research on positive aging, you will typically find….[read more here}

I would love it if you could stop by…and if you could comment, and let me know some of your own modifications, that would be very cool!

Hope to see you there!

35 Replies to “Positive Aging: You Can Do It If You Try (And Are Not Afraid To Modify)”

  1. Thanks, Terri! It’s amazing how simple healthy living tips usually are. We just need to remember to apply them with some consistency! Thanks so much for visiting R&GL to check out my post. I greatly appreciate it!

    1. Thanks, Jill – I agree about homemade pizza. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to make and can be loaded with much nutritional value!

    1. Hi, Ally. It’s funny how a ‘household name’ for one person, is a stranger to another! Fred Penner is a Canadian songwriter and musician who has been a long-time performer for children. From 1985 – 1997 he had a popular children’s television show called Fred Penner’s Place. Some of his famous songs included, “The Cat Came Back,” “Sandwiches are Beautiful” and “You Can Do it if You Try.” Yup, I can still sing them word for word. Pathetic, I know!

  2. This list can be applied to all stages of life. I maintain that retirement is a continuation of responsibilities and privileges. Even in retirement, we have to pay the bills and commit to our physical/mental health. We have the privilege of more time which can be a blessing and a curse (if we succumb to boredom). When asked what I would do in retirement, I often replied that those things I did before 8AM and after 5PM, I would do between 8 & 5. The truth is, I usually do them between 10 & 5.

    1. Thank you for these very wise words, Mona. I fully agree that this list can and should be applied to all stages of life. I also agree that retirement is a continuation of responsibilities and that it is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. I greatly appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

  3. The only bit I always fail at is sleep. I’ve been a poor sleeper since young adulthood, and although I thought that would improve with having less stress in retirement, it hasn’t much. I have no trouble getting to sleep but wake up very early. I suspect the modification my body wants me to make is to go to bed in the early evening and get up at the crack of dawn. I don’t think that would do much for my social life (or my marriage) so I struggle on! When I do get a really good night’s sleep I feel so much better.
    Anabel Marsh recently posted…Wren’s NestMy Profile

    1. I totally understand this, Anabel. My natural body clock loves to go to bed (shockingly) early and to then get up at the crack of dawn. I assume that you have tried all other common modifications. Sending good sleep vibes your way!

  4. Your Fred Penner was our Raffi. I still catch myself humming the occasional Raffi tune 🙂

    A great read, Donna. I’m grateful that I’ve always loved vegetables. I credit my mom who knew how to use seasonings and my dad’s large garden that kept us with fresh off-the-vine vegetables in the summer. We happily wandered into the garden to raid a handful of peas or beans to snack on between meals. That love has served me well over the years as a counterbalance to all my other bad habits.

    … and the power of stretching should never be underestimated. It’s even more important as we age and our muscles shorten.
    Joanne Sisco recently posted…June: Still Waiting For Summer To BeginMy Profile

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Joanne.
      I can still hum Raffi tunes (forwards and backwards) as well!
      Your parents were very wise to raise you with a love of vegetables, and to ensure that fresh ones were easy to access. I sadly overlooked the importance of stretching until now. Hopefully, it is not too late to reverse some damage!

  5. I had no idea who Fred Penner was, but I just substituted Barney the Purple Dinosaur for irritation level (I’m sure I’d feel different if I had a little one who enjoyed it 🙂 ).

    I loved your healthy suggestions. Like Anabel, my sleeping has never been good, and has gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. Oh well, if I get up too early, I can always make myself a healthy pizza for breakfast!
    Janis recently posted…Hearts and Crafts of OaxacaMy Profile

  6. I (happily) missed the Barney stage!
    I always love your positive attitude, Janis. Health pizza for breakfast — how fun is that?!

    1. Hi, Stephanie – Thanks so much for commenting both here and at R&GL. I greatly appreciate it! Good to hear that people in your neighborhood, of all ages, are also working hard to keep up their fitness levels.

    1. Hi, Liesbet – Thank you for commenting on both sites. The homemade pizzas that you describe sound amazing. You and Mark still have an open invitation to come visit…but now it includes you making us at least one pizza!

    1. Hi, Clarissa – Thanks for your kind words. And thank YOU for co-hosting. It has been fun working with you and all of the other co-hosts. It is a great group!

  7. Our age should not control what we can and can’t do. Sure we might have to modify somethings as you suggested Donna but keeping fit and active as we age is just so important. Not just for us but for our family. I enjoyed your post and left a comment over at Retirement and Living. Thanks for co-hosting #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty. I’ve shared on social media. Have a beautiful day.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond recently posted…Meaningful Mondays: Focus on what is important to you todayMy Profile

  8. Hi, Sue – Thank you for commenting here and for leaving an additional comment with Retirement and Good Living. I first heard about their site through your guest post there. After I had written a comment on your post, they visited my site and asked me to write a post for them as well. So, thank YOU for this opportunity!

    1. Hi, Christine – I agree that most of us know the basic steps for wellness – we just need reminders (including me). Thanks for stopping by and for co-hosting!

    1. Hi, Teresa – Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I believe that taking care of our health should be a top priority. What has surprised me as I I have aged is how much longer illness and injuries take to heal. It is much better to take a preventative approach!

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