Guest Post for Sizzling Toward Sixty: Building Walking into your Lifestyle

Thank you to all readers who have checked out my recent guest posts at Sizzling Toward Sixty and Jill Weatherholt’s Blog. It has been a great experience to introduce you to sites that I love, meet new readers/bloggers and to see the intricate connections and intersections among blogs that I follow.

Shout out to Sue Loncaric for hosting me once again at her site. This time I wrote about a huge passion area…walking! You can check out that post below. Once again, your comments are hugely appreciated!

10 Tips for Builidng Walking Into Your Lifestyle

From Sue:

Last month, Donna Connolly from Retirement Reflections wrote a guest post for me Happiness Revisited. Donna’s post was so well received that I asked her to write for my Health & Wellness Month and write about her passion for walking.
Donna writes….

6 Replies to “Guest Post for Sizzling Toward Sixty: Building Walking into your Lifestyle”

    1. Thanks for hosting me once again, Sue. I greatly appreciate it….and look forward to our continued collaborations.
      My last two times on the Camino Trail, I saw numerous women hiking the trail alone (or with a friend or relative) while their husband sat that walk out. Cousins walking the trail together was also very common.

  1. Walking with a friend is a great way to hold yourself accountable. I know someone who did the Camino (In one straight shot!), and I was a substitute walking companion. If you have something interesting to talk about, you can walk for miles without even realizing it. I should have taken your “Start slow” advice though…I was often sore for a couple days after these walks.

    Great post!

    1. Thanks, Marty – I agree that walking with a companion can be super motivating and makes the time pass quickly. Hope your summer break is going well. Thanks for commenting!

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