Celebrating a Milestone Birthday: 700 Kilometers on the Camino Trail

Richard and I now have our backpacks packed and are ready to set out for our 700 km Camino Trail walking adventure. For quite some time, I’ve had it in the back of my mind to write a post about our plans for this trek. I was delighted when Sue, from Sizzling Toward Sixty, gave me the nudge and asked me to write about this trip on her site.

As some of you may already know, my husband, Richard, turns 70 this September. For his birthday, Richard and I have decided to take the leap, challenge ourselves and celebrate together by walking 700 km on the Camino Trail in Spain. We both love the Camino and have done two separate eight-day sections previously. (You can check out posts on our last Camino experience here). We had always wanted to walk the full Camino Frances but kept putting it off. Finally, we decided if we didn’t do it now, when would we do it?

Ready for his 70th birthday trek![

In two days, we fly to Paris, then to Biarritz, then bus to San Sebastian then to Najera, Spain to begin this journey. We will definitely try to keep you posted on this trip….when we can find internet!

You can read more about our plans over at Sue’s site.

I hope to see you there!
Birthday: Camino


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  1. You continue to inspire so many people Donna. Keep sharing your love of writing! It’s great reading all about your life and travel adventures in your ‘retirement’ stage!

    1. Hi, Cath – Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I greatly appreciate you keeping in touch. When I first saw your message, I thought that you were writing to say that you were going to join us on the Camino. We would have loved that!

  2. I’m so glad you took the leap and will hike some more of the trail. The “now or never” approach never fails! πŸ™‚ Have a great time, drink lots of water, enjoy the scenery and take many photos! Happy early 70th birthday, Richard! Have a safe trip there and “bon courage”. πŸ™‚
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    1. Thanks, Liesbet – I am using your ‘life less ordinary’ as my mantra and inspiration. I hope to at least post pics….and more if the internet is cooperative!

    1. Hi, Kate – Your comment got me thinking that maybe there was something about Canadians and the Camino. I just checked the stats, and unfortunately my hunch was incorrect.
      Apparently, each year 46% of Camino hikers are Spanish.
      15% are Italian.
      13% are German.
      9% are American.
      8% are Portuguese.
      5% are from France.
      4% are Irish.
      3% are British.
      2% are Korean.
      Canadians did not rank on the stats that I could find. There goes my theory!

        1. Yup – 9%. But I still haven’t found stats on Canadians on the Camino. Now that this has peaked my curiosity, I will keep on looking!

  3. This is so awesome for the two of you!!! What a great way to celebrate, and to enjoy life & its adventures. Wishing you sunny skies, and no blisters.

    1. Hi, Sue – Thank you for inviting me to Guest Host on your site…and for giving me the nudge to do this post. I hope to keep everyone updated with regular photos (internet gods willing)!

    1. Thanks, Anabel – Richard and I greatly appreciate your good wishes.
      Good wishes right back to you and John for your trek in the Canadian Rockies!

    1. Thanks, Louise – I greatly appreciate your kind words. I know that you have been considering the Camino. If you ever have any questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime!

  4. Donna, Wow! This adventure is truly taking “the road less traveled”. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Stay safe and enjoy. Happy birthday to Richard…this is a wonderful way to celebrate.

    1. Thanks so much, Joe – I love following your adventures as well. I think that we both prefer the road less traveled.

    1. Thanks, Dee – Yup, it’s a long hike! I plan to keep you all posted with photos at least…and hopefully a few posts if I can find enough wifi. Thanks for your kind wishes!

  5. Exactly – 10 per year….which means I should technically stop a bit earlier….but once you reach more than 500 kilometers whose counting? Thanks so much for stopping by, Tom. I greatly appreciate it. Hope all is well with you, B and your new home!

    1. Hi, Debbie – Thanks for stopping by here as well. I greatly appreciate it. I will keep you posted on our upcoming adventure!

  6. I love that you’re doing this. I’ve always been enthralled with the idea of the Camino Trail, and have read the adventures, in books and blogs, of many people who have walked it. I’ll live vicariously through you as you do your thing. Safe travels and tender mercies.
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