17 New Things in 2017

I recently read a blogger’s post about doing 17 new things in 2017. And I have a friend in Singapore who is doing the same thing, posting on-line his 17 new things in 2017. Don’t you love serendipity? Well, it’s halfway through the year, and I wondered if I was challenging myself to try 17 new things this year. One of the aspects of my retirement is to explore – new activities, new things to learn about, new experiences.

So let’s see if I am exploring the new… my 17 new things in 2017 are:

1. Did a spiritualist reading with tarot cards in January – a bucket list item! Interesting and yes, I’d do it again.

2. Created a vision board – OK not a new tool, but a new board for 2017; and then a design one for our new house. This is my first time doing a design board!

3. Bought a new (old) house and began downsizing. This has been a big item on our retirement vision. Downsizing and moving are a lot more work than I expected.

4. Went on an Africa Safari (July). This trip encompassed a number of bucket list items – crossing the equator, another continent, two new countries, the Big Five in their natural habitat, and a balloon ride. Plus I packed only 33 pounds total for 18 days. That itself was a huge learning activity!

5. Swim lessons started this summer. Finally.

6. New restaurants with my mid-week food club and other friends – too many to list, but having fun exploring new places in town.

7. Date Night – OK, again not new, but continued enjoying our monthly dinner and a show – seeing new live theater performances regularly.

8. Attended yoga (at least) weekly. Again, this is not necessarily a new activity as I started yoga last November – but doing it regularly is new. I wanted it to be twice a week, but April and May were tough with so much going on. And now with our house move, I need to find a new yoga studio. So weekly yoga is a good thing to keep in mind.

9. Joined Leading Ladies at the Playhouse – a philanthropic group and a new experience for me, as I have never belonged to this type of group before.

Still to come this year, besides the Africa trip and swim lesson executions, the actual move into our new house (OK that is the same as three above) and selling the old house. I’m calling selling the house item #10 because I am sure there will be a new experience in there somewhere. Then in the new house, there is buying new furniture (11) and designing a new garden (12). Also, want to “GOMO” – from Sizzling Toward Sixty meaning ‘Go Out More Often.’ My planned day trips have sizzled out lately (no pun intended) with too much working and moving. I need to boost them back up before year’s end.

Some other milestones have included
hitting the 2-year mark on blogging, the 3-year mark on retirement, and the 25-year mark on marriage. And that list is definitely not in the right order of importance! But that adds nothing in 2017 as something really new.

Looking ahead, there’s another philanthropic foundation, Impact 100. I plan on joining it this fall (#13). Oh dear, not yet to 17! Maybe I can split Africa into some of the bucket list check-offs to hit the last 4? Or perhaps be open to serendipity in the next six months? The planner in me had a major twinge on that, but perhaps that is good for me!

I love this ’17 in 2017′ approach to learning and exploring new things
– it pushes me both physically and cognitively. What are your 17 new things in 2017?

Pat Doyle: Retirement Transition
Hi, I’m Pat: Aspiring Writer — Researcher — Synthesizer. I have been transitioning into the next stage of my life, traditionally called retirement. Although I am an avid planner, I had no pre-plan in place. This blog has been my attempt to capture my retirement research and the initial steps of my journey. I look forward to continuing to connect with others on a similar course. You can find me at Retirement Transition. I hope to see you there.

From Retirement Reflections: I absolutely love how Pat’s post was originally inspired by another Guest Host (Sue, from Sizzling Toward Sixty). It is this interaction, sharing of ideas, influencing and connecting that I love most about blogging. As Pat has just returned from her travel adventure (African Safari), I begin mine (Camino Trail…With very inconsistent Internet access.) Therefore, for many of the remaining guest posts, I will leave you in the capable hands of the guest hosts. However, I will chime-in as often as I can.

I’d also like to thank Karen Hulme, of Profound Journey, for turning my one-word answers to her insightful questions into a Guest Post. You can check it out at https://www.profoundjourney.com. While there, why not submit some of your own answers? I would love to read them!

Coming Soon: Joe Brunner from Easin’ Along (July 30), Kathy Gottberg from SMARTliving365 (Aug. 6), Karen Hulme from Profound Journey (Aug. 13), Anabel Marsh from The Glasgow Gallivanter (Aug. 20), Joanne Sisco from My Life Lived Full and Following A Bold Plan (August 27) and many more whom I will tell you about in an upcoming chime-in. Stay posted!

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    1. Leanne, feel free to back track! I did when I created my list. But 18 in 18 is good also…might need to start my thinking for that one. Something this has helped was to open myself up to trying new things, which begin retired gives me time to do! Enjoy your transition into your unique retirement.
      Pat recently posted…My African AdventureMy Profile

    2. Hi, Leanne – Thabk you for stopping by and commenting. 18 things for 2018 sounds like a great plan. I think that I may compose a list like that too!

    1. Kate, downsizing is a huge challenge especially for my husband who has hoarding tendencies. Our downsizing probably isn’t what most would do – it’s still a multi-floor house with a yard. I call it my 10 year house – it fits our lifestyle right now, but maybe not 10+ years from now. I got very specific on what was must-have for our needs; we looked for over a year and found it. Good luck in your search… it’s out there I am sure. Pat
      Pat recently posted…My African AdventureMy Profile

    2. Hi, Kate – In two-weeks time Kathy G’s guest post on ‘rightsizing’ will be featured here. It offers many great ideas…and much focus on what is right for each individual. I found it to be incredibly helpful.
      Donna recently posted…17 New Things in 2017My Profile

  1. Donna your guest posts have been very interesting to read and ponder…….I just may try 18 for 2018!
    Enjoy your trek and look forward to read the remaining guest posts.

    1. Georgia, You’ll have to post your 18 for 18… I love getting possibility ideas from other people of new things to try. Or as I told Leanne, you can still do 17 in 17 and look back at things you’ve already done this year…no, it is not cheating! Pat
      Pat recently posted…My African AdventureMy Profile

    1. Hi Jill, It’s amazing that I never did learn to swim, especially since my husband is a “water rat”, we have a house near the beach and I do regularly SUP. I’ve been water skiing, kayaking and even jet skiing, all without being able to swim…I’m great a getting a life jacket fit to fit properly. I felt it was time, since I now have the time!
      Pat recently posted…My African AdventureMy Profile

    1. Hi, Ally – I agree that Pat’s list was very ambitious. I also believe that exercises like this can open the mind to new possibilities. I’m already thinking of what kind of list I would create for 2018!
      Donna recently posted…17 New Things in 2017My Profile

    1. Hi, Kim – Thank you for the additional endorsement on vision boards. I’ve done one for my blog (as part of a course) but not one for what I would like to achieve. I will need to give one a try!

    2. Kim, I had read about vision boards before but tried my first last year and really enjoy the process and results. My vision board for my new house is still a work in progress…so hoping for big results there as well. Thanks for commenting. Pat
      Pat recently posted…My African AdventureMy Profile

    1. Anabel, I agree it feels different than new years resolution. Especially since the new thing can be little or big. For me, it helped me to be open to trying new things, as well as to celebrate the trying of new things! Pat
      Pat recently posted…My African AdventureMy Profile

  2. Hi Donna, Great list. I am with you, turn number 4 into at least 3 things. That was a biggie. And well done you, getting the weight down on your luggage. If you are going somewhere hot that’s easier and also if you go to Nepal that should be an achievable weight too.
    ON another note a weird thing happened about 8.5 hours ago. I jumped onto my blog this morning for a quick look at my reader and any comments, spied one from you and was in teh middle of answering it when it disappeared. It was weird. I couldn’t see it. Logged out and back in. Checked in from the post side .. it was gone. Weird. Stay safe and enjoy. You’ve had a big year only getting bigger. Louise

    1. Hi Louise,
      So #4 turned into 10 new things! From kissing a giraffe (at the Giraffe Center, not in the wild) to sleeping in a tent in the middle of the Serengeti. The Africa trip was simply amazing (and I recently blogged about it). Having a mindset to be open to new possibilities definitely helped.

      Sorry about the glitch – maybe Donna knows more.
      Pat recently posted…My African AdventureMy Profile

    2. Hi , Louise – That is so strange about my comment disappearing from your site. Working Internet on the Camino trail is rare and illusive at the best of times…at least at the places where we have been so far. I wonder if that had anything to do with it?
      Donna recently posted…17 New Things in 2017My Profile

  3. I love your New Things list and I’m sure there will be many more unexpected ones before the year is over.

    This is my 3rd year of keeping a New Things list and quite frankly, it’s been a great touchstone throughout the year when I start to feel antsy.

    I jot down ideas – both big and small – that I haven’t done that I’d like to try. It’s a great motivation booster when I’m feeling in a rut. It might be as simple as a fruit or vegetable I’ve never tried or an unusual recipe. Making adult popsicles was one of my favourites from 2 years ago.

    Good luck with your move! You have lots of *new* ahead of you 🙂
    Joanne Sisco recently posted…Row, Row, Row Your BoatMy Profile

    1. Joanne, Hmmm… Adult Popsicles? I’m thinking great item for our new house-warming party.

      I have my list as well and call it my “possibilities list”. Another blogger calls it his “never be bored list”. I do add things to it regularly that I’m intrigued with – from things I want to learn about to things I want to try. I’m a big list maker so I also have the lists of restaurants I want to try and places I want to visit (from day trip to big trips). I love your idea of keeping track of what I have tried each year.

      So what new fruit/veggies are on your list? Anything is summer season? That’s my foodie nature being curious!
      Pat recently posted…My African AdventureMy Profile

  4. Hi Pat! Just followed the link to your blog and am now following! I left a comment about being “newly” retired, (since i am sort of one)! Bucket lists and ways to determine wise use of leisure time is about the only way to deal with retirement! I think blogging/writing helps with that!

    1. Hi Terri! Thanks for the follow. I recognize your name, so we probably read a few of the same bloggers. 🙂

      As I am a list maker (and a recovering workaholic), I won’t argue at all with your comment about bucket lists. Also, I call my blog by “personal life coach” as I find it really does help me with my retirement transition.

      Looking forward to getting to know you better as well.
      Pat recently posted…My African AdventureMy Profile

    2. Hi, Terri – Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I agree that bucket lists are especially important in retirement. They help you focus on what you really want to do…and retirement reminds you that NOW is the perfect time to do it!

    1. Hi Stephanie, I’m the exact opposite. I need the class to get me to do it – commitment with a class card. My one class is a 50+ group, so not at all intimidating. But I’ve been looking at on-line for at home as well since lately having scheduling issues with getting to class. Do you use specific site or app? Pat
      Pat recently posted…My African AdventureMy Profile

  5. I loved reading your list Pat and was pleasantly surprised to see you mentioned my blog Sizzling Towards 60. Thank you! Your African Safari sounds wonderful. I think making a list of dreams and goals is great way, along with a vision board to define what you want to do and achieve. Keep going with ticking off the list! Have a lovely day and thanks Donna for another interesting writer.

    1. Hi, Sue – Thanks so much for dropping by and visiting Pat’s post. I ❤️ how bloggers share, inspire and influence each other!

  6. Hi Donna AND Pat! Loved reading both of these. Donna, thanks for your updates. I LOVE following other people’s travel. And thank you Pat for the introduction to your life. And i think the 17 for 17 is a great idea too. Perhaps I’ll join you on my blog next year for 18 for 18. Let’s all enjoy the remainder of 2017 as much as we can. ~Kathy
    Kathy @ SMART Living 365.com recently posted…30 Days At The Beach Or Why We All Need To Take A BreakMy Profile

    1. Kathy – So many folks are talking 18 in 18, I will probably be inspired to try that as well. Just the thinking about it opens you to possibilities. I know I will hit 17 in 17 because of that mindset. Pat
      Pat recently posted…My African AdventureMy Profile

  7. It is so nice to read new things fellow bloggers have been discovering. Retirement is really good for that. I”m hoping to do an African safari one of these years as well, but, it will have to fit into the “planning” (meaning being in or near the continent for other reasons) and the budget!

    I enjoyed your answers at Profound Journey, Donna! And, your Sunday guest posts have been entertaining and enjoyable!! I recognize some names from the list of future posters. 🙂
    Liesbet recently posted…Completed House Sits: Oakland, CA – June 20th to July 13th, 2017My Profile

    1. Leisbet, What the 17 in 17 really encouraged me to be was open to new possibilities. And, the African Safari was on my bucket list for over 20 years. It was a truly a once in a lifetime event! Yes, hard to budget, so keep your eyes open for the possibilities. The universe has a way of making things happen! Pat
      Pat recently posted…My African AdventureMy Profile

  8. Hi, Liesbet / I greatly appreciate you following all of my posts. There really should be an award for that! As reliable internet is very hard to find here, I am very behind in my comments on my favorite blog posts (like yours). I promise to catch up when I am off of the trail!

  9. I may jump on the 18 for 18 bandwagon too! Especially now that many of us are retired – or nearly so – it’s important to keep stretching ourselves.

    I love that you are taking swimming lessons, Pat. I have a good friend who recently learned to swim and she was overcome with emotion when she was able to swim from one end of the pool to the other. How great it is to finally do something that you’ve always wanted to do.
    Janis recently posted…GratiTuesday: Coming HomeMy Profile

    1. I agree that Pat taking swimming lessons in retirement is very cool. It’s a great reminder that it is never too late to learn!

    1. Hi, Dee – Thanks so much for checking out Pat’s post. I’m was just off to read your interview with Sue. Two of my favorites together. Can’t wait!

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